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Feet detox is simply one of a great list of foot therapy methods. It has always been popular even before being given names like feet detox and foot therapy, because the feet have so many nerve endings (which you'll know about if anyone tries to tickle you there), and any pleasant sensation in the feet are quickly transmitted throughout the body and the brain.

Foot baths have been around for millenia, right back to soaking them in hot springs in the mountains and up through public baths in the middle ages, right to the modern foot baths, both the common foot baths and the specialized baths with herbs, chemicals and ion electrodes. They are safe, relaxing, and pleasurable.

Another popular method of foot therapy - making the body healthier and feeling good - is through physical manipulation. A simple massage does wonders. Unlike many other body parts, the nerves in the feet travel up the legs and share themselves with nerves that lead to most organs and parts, so a foot massage can literally make your hands or tummy feel better too.

Reflexology is a whole science devoted to this study; finding how to affect other body parts through manipulation of one body part. Foot reflexology is the method of trying to heal and cleanse all parts of the body, by using certain movements to rub and penetrate areas of the foot that correspond, through nerves, to other parts all over the body. These nerves have been well-mapped, and a skilled reflexologist will know exactly where to work on your foot, and what movements and pressure to use, in order to try effect a healthy improvement somewhere else in your body. 


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